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Why the name - ReelRawEvents? 

Our mission is to connect YOU with your favorite entertainers, many of them Film & TV actors (the ‘REEL’) in a down-to-Earth, authentic way (the ‘RAW’) by creating exclusive and one-time-only online group EVENTS.  The Artists and Influencers we invite to our forum want to be free to communicate with YOU, their die hard fans, easily and without lot of fuss.  Thus, ‘ReelRawEvents’!


How are your events different?

ReelRawEvents allow a large number of fans to enjoy meeting their favorite stars and people from the comfort of their home, smartphone or tablet without a need to travel and commit to in-person conventions. ReelRawEvents are PRIVATE, EXCLUSIVE and INTERACTIVE.  Most of our events offer VIP access which means you can gain a way to directly communicate with your favorite stars via your ‘screen’. 

Audience members can win or reserve VIP access and have a face-to-face conversation or a question answered directly from the ReelRawEvent Artist/Guest.


What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept credit cards and PayPal.


What are the benefits of your unique forum?

Several.  One – The cost. You don’t have to travel to a venue, city or country to meet your favorite stars. You can be in the comfort of your own home and be entertained and educated.  Two – Easy access. You can view the ReelRawEvent from your phone, tablet, or laptop with WIFI access.  Three – Meet your favorite stars. You will have the opportunity to interact with the Artist/Guest during Q&A sessions.  Four – Unique Events. All ReelRawEvents are customized to best serve the Guest and his/her unique fan base.  We understand that one size does NOT fit all.  We work with both the artist and their fans to create customized and entertaining ReelRawEvents.


Can the Artists/Guests see us while they are talking on screen during their event?

Only at certain times and on a pre-determined basis.  The Artist/Guest has the ability to see nobody or have the entire audience on the screen with him/her ‘Brady Bunch Style’ depending on audience size.  If you are up on the screen with them then that means they can see you and you have likely won a contest or paid for VIP access.


What technology do you use for ReelRawEvents and is there any software that needs to be loaded?


We use a software called ZOOM.  Many people already have ZOOM software downloaded on their device.  It’s similar to Skype and it’s free.  If you are viewing the ReelRawEvent via your laptop, MAC, or PC then you will need to download a ZOOM.  If you are using a MAC, click here to download the instructions.  If you are using PC, click here. 


For iPad, iPhone, tablet, smartphone viewers you simply need to go the applicable App store and load the ZOOM app.


What is the relationship between The Responsible Artist and Reel Raw Events? 

Currently in its ‘beta’ stage, ReelRawEvents is run by the team behind The Responsible Artist. After hearing that so many artists have fans who would enjoy a higher level of connection with them, The Responsible Artist team created ReelRawEvents.  If you follow @ResponsibleArtist on social media you’ll see that they LOVE artists just as much as @ReelRawEvents LOVES fans!


How does the format for ReelRawEvents get decided?

We made this for YOU, the fans. So usually we learn from the fans what THEY would like and go from there. So make sure to tell us (or your favorite stars/artists) what would make you join a ReelRawEvent.


Do you have a monthly subscription offering so I can attend any or all ReelRawEvents?

We don’t right now but it’s coming.  Stay tuned. And if that’s something you want, let us know. Definitely sign up for our announcements – click here.


Do you sell recordings to your shows?

No. These live events are special because they are one time only. 


What if I miss the ReelRawEvent?  Do I receive a refund?

You won’t…just like you wouldn’t if you missed the baseball game ‘Event’.  The ticket you receive when you pay for the ReelRawEvent can be given/sold to another person.  Know that the ticket is unique – it can only be used by one person. 


Do you ever have coupon or promo code offerings?  If so, how much is the discount?

Yes, we often have an Early Bird sale.  Every event is different.  Signing up for announcements of upcoming ReelRawEvents has its benefits (click here).  Follow @ReelRawEvents on social media to learn about upcoming events as well.   Look for coupon/promo codes in our online ads and social media posts. Don’t miss out on Promos!